About Laura

A bit of story behind Laura Lee’s Little Learning Center


First of all, I would like to thank you for considering my services for your child. I started doing childcare in 2006 when my two children, Matthew and Alicia were 2.5 and 1 years old. I wanted to stay home with my children while still earning an income to help pay our mortgage. I also felt this would be a great opportunity for my children to build friendships and get to play with other children on a daily basis.

My Story

I opened a license not required childcare program out of my home. I started off with 2 children for the first couple years and as my children got older and less dependent on me I thought it would be fun for them to have more friends in our home as well for me to earn a better income. I decided to get my house licensed so I could look after more children in a safe environment. I had up to 7 children in my home between the ages 1 to 7 years.

After a few years of doing this we had to downsize our house as my husband at the time was just getting his business started and I decided to go back to school to get my ECE. I had to close my daycare. It was hard on my children because they formed such a strong bond with all their little daycare friends as did I.

I went back to school for two years and then got hired as an ECE with JellyBean Park Early Learning Center. This was a great experience for me as I got a chance to work with a variety of age groups including infants, toddlers and preschoolers. I realized during this time how much I enjoy working with children and that this truly is the career that brings a smile to my face each and every day.

In August 2014 my current partner and I bought a beautiful 3 level home in Clayton that backs onto a large green-space. I felt this would be the perfect location to open a daycare once again. I left Jellybean Park after 3 years and renovated the basement of our new home, and am very happy to have been able to open my new licensed multi age group childcare in January 2016.


My children are now 14 and 15 years old and attend Clayton Heights Secondary. My common law partner, Jason, also has an 8 year old daughter whom is at our house Part time. We have two black cats, Blackie and Gizmo, who we nicknamed the Chicken and the Pig for obvious reasons as you’ll see when you meet them. We recently also adopted two Lionhead bunnies, Oreo and Pepper.

I look forward to meeting new families and hope to continue offering my services in the Clayton area for many years to come!

~ Laura